The Peberdoo's


The Peberdoo's is a name that stuck when Vanessa and I got married. There were plenty of "discussions" around surnames and what we would be as a family, and at this time some of our friends made the suggestion of merging our two names, Peberdy and Foo. Although we didn't actually take this as our name officially it has stuck as a fun reference to us.

We have travelled all over the place as you can see in our Where We Have Been page and we love a good adventure. There will continue to be many more with the kids as well and you can follow over at the blog.

Vanessa and I will tell you we are not competitive. We will lie to you when we say this. We are not even sure it is healthy competition, we just down right love to beat each other, even if to do so means we can't win whatever it is we are doing. The kids unfortunately have this as well. Kieran has to "win" going up and down the stairs in the house every day.

Sport and the outdoors is another major part of our lifestyle. And Switzerland has only increased this love for us.



Too many years ago we were just two young people who met the usual way in London (drunk at a house party). Then we started travelling together, moved in together, got married and now two adorable kids.

It was a long struggle to get the family of 4 but we are here. Kieran joined us in 2016 and Samantha (Baby Sam) in 2018.

Even thought there was a point when I had given up on kids and was looking forward to the childless life of sports cars and ski boats I must say I am pretty happy with life as it is and wouldn't really want it any other way (I am obviously writing this while the kids are asleep and it is peaceful)



Our move to Switzerland was in many ways normal. Vanessa took a job here, that I told her not to take, and then she dragged me out here kicking and screaming.

Thing is, all of the things I was worried about, mostly the language barrier for jobs, turned out to be not a problem at all.

We are so settled here now with good friends and neighbours, jobs, kids and a lifestyle we could not replicate anywhere else.

We have a place up in the mountains above lake Geneva where there is snow on the ground for 5 months of the year, 15 mins from a ski resort, great biking and hiking and deer that wander into our garden.



It is said by many that I am a bit of a nutter. I love my active lifestyle and I sometimes push that a little too far, as the long list of broken bones proves. I am also often sighted to partners and wives as the one who comes up with all the crazy ideas for what to do next. I am not sure that is true, but it probably isn't far from the truth.

After moving to Switzerland I really got into my biking, triathlons and snowboarding. Now I have moved up to ironmans and split-boarding and try to do as much as I can each year.

I also really enjoy live music. I have a very healthy list of bands I have seen and have a few good friends who will be at many of those gigs/festivals with me. Just don’t rely on me to get the tickets as I have been known to accidentally book seated tickets to a metal concert (they will not let me live that one down).



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The Kids:

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