Family camping trip to Feldkirch in Austria

Family camping trip to Feldkirch in Austria

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In these final weeks of school holidays and still in the time of Covid we decided to go on a family (plus friends) camping trip to Feldkirch in Austria.

We had a fantastic week with some greet friends and even though our original plan  was to go without our kids and have an adult week away our plans were changed at the last minute and the kids came too.
As you can see from the photo above we packed everything, a huge 7x7.5m tent, kitchen cabinet, stove, table and chairs, webber bbq, air mattresses, storage cabinets, bikes, child trailer and of course far too many clothes and then headed off to Austria.

The tent we have is fast becoming a personal favourite of mine although I would not want to put it up for anything less than a 4 day weekend trip. It was a pleasant surprise this time when the kids just sat quietly and Vanessa and I were able to put it up together, in peace, with no arguments and rather quickly. In fact, it was already up before our friends arrived. Sometimes we surprise ourselves still wink.

The campsite we were staying at was a real joy as well. The people working there were really friendly and helpful which is a great first impression to have. There was grass on most of the pitches (even those mainly used by vans), good facilities and it included free entry to the water park all week. We really enjoyed it and it was a reasonable price as well. https://www.freizeitbetriebe-feldkirch.at/en/operations/forestcamping/

As well as going cycling which there is more information here we went to visit the towns of Feldkirch and Bregenz. Bregenz was a nice cycle to and being on the lake it looked kinda interesting but in my opinion (Vanessa's will be different of course) it was only worth going down to for the lake and not for the rest of the town.

We also took the kids to a ruined castle we found while cycling that dates back a long time (you know me, I don't remember all the details) but it was very cool climbing on the ruins and walking around the old castle.


The water park that was next door to the camping was also very nice. It had some water slides and a playground so the kids were kept very happy and on the very hot days we had it made it much more bearable. The only problem with there being so much water near the camping that there were a lot of mosquitos in the evening and the children were mauled on the first day before we got some repellant and took better care to keep the screens on the tent shut.

It was a great week away and really nice to have good friends and the kids with us as well. We will likely go back to this area in the future for some more camping and cycling.
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