Jura Parc in the Valee de Joux

Jura Parc in the Valee de Joux

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Jura Parc

The Jura Park is a great little parc hidden up in the hills between Vallee de Joux and Vallorbe that has wolves, bears and buffalo.
This place is great for taking kids to for a number of reasons.
  1. THEY SERVE FOOD ALL DAY! Now, we have been caught out enough times ourselves with not being able to be served in Switzerland and France because we showed up too late to a food place. But here they serve kid friendly foods all day. You can even try some buffalo here from their breeding stock.
  2. The whole park is pram friendly. There is a well maintained boardwalk through most of the park which means if you kids prefer to be pushed around than walk and run then you can do this with ease.
  3. It is not too big. You child wont get bored from walking around all day here. It is a small park with only a few animals but it is good for its size.
  4. There is a petting zoo. In this little area across the street from the resturant there are a few goats, ponys and sheep that you can take your child over to pat in their enclosure. Beware of the headbutting goats.
  5. There is a fun ondskool playground. Not so good if you prefer those playgrounds that are build so there is no way your child could posibly hurt themselves. But it is great fun for them going up to the slide, coming down that same slide and flying out the bottom. Running in the hamster wheel too fast that they get thrown about like in a tumble dryer. And just general playing around.
We are big fans of the park and highly recomend it to families and those without for a nice pleasant day out in the mountains. There is also plenty of walking near buy if you just want to use the resturant and then go for a hike.

Enjoy the park

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