Scarpa - The way customer service should be

Scarpa - The way customer service should be

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Over the years I have owned a number of Scarpa shoes. In fact my original full leather hiking boots are still going after 15 years and don't look like dying any time soon.

Last year, I bought a pair of Scarpa Crux approach shoes while in London. They are comfortable shoes and easy to use as an every day shoe.

After only two months though they had holes appearing in them where the shoe flexes over the toe. The holes went all the way through and started to leak water as well.


So, I did not think this was acceptable after two months as normal wear and tear and contact Scarpa through their website.

Within a day I got a pleasant response from the customer support desk and they agreed that this should not happen. Straight away they made arrangements to send me a new pair which did arrive before the end of the week.

THey have made some adjustments to the shoe which obviously had a design flaw but it was very refreshing to see a company that still prides itself on keeping its loyal customers happy. I am now enjoying my new pair of shoes and look forward to many more walks in Scarpa shoes.


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