Upgrading Intex Purespa for wifi control

Upgrading Intex Purespa for wifi control

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During this lockdown period I am sure I am not the only person to do something that is totally unnecessary. This is just one of those things.

The Intex Purespa hottub is a great product that we have very much enjoyed using over the last year, summer and winter. But to be able to enjoy this spa you have to make sure that the temp of the water does not drop below 6 degrees or the spa will not turn on and start to heat up. This is not a problem in the summer months as the water always stays at a decent temp even without the heater running, but in the winter, this is a huge problem where we live and I ended up having to leave the heater running most of the winter.

Of course, this a huge waste of energy and I wanted to find a way to make it easier to monitor the temp and to be able to turn it on only when I needed it. Now, I could just go outside and check it each morning, that I know I wont do that, so I was looking for a way to get control of the tub over my home network.

I spent many hours looking around the internet and there are some decent projects people are doing out there but I do not have the mechanical engineering or electrical skills to work those out and most of them were still in testing phases and not really ready to go.

But then I stumbled across a youtube video that showed someone doing exactly what I wanted to do. He had made a custom board that can be installed easily enough into the hottub control box that can be controlled from your phone.

I found the link to purchase his board and instruction down in the comments to one of his videos and reached out to purchase it.
I got the board and an email from him with a really good and detailed set of instructions and set about installing the board.

And now I have a wi-fi control for my hot tub that allows me to turn it off and keep an eye on the water temp and to turn it on only when I need to stop the water temp getting too low or to turn it on to heat to full temp at the optimum time.

If you are looking to do something similar I can thoroughly recommend reaching out to JP and buying his board.
My next project now is to work out how I can write a program that integrate this board with Alexa and IFTTT

Keep safe
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  • The above link to the site is not working anymore, but Jean-Paul shares his gmail contact under those YouTube videos he posted. The site is an advertisement site only (once you clarify delivery costs, you pay via PP) and JP still runs his add on the site, just as it expires over time, new one gets different link I guess. He is very communicative and speaks good english so you won't have any trouble reaching out to him.
  • Hello
    Where can i buy this ?
  • Sorry all,
    I am not really in a position to share the instructions for this project as it was commercially purchased and I wouldn't want to cause problems with or for the seller.
    I hope you all have success with your projects.
    I have since upgraded the tub for a new tub and so this is no longer relevant to me.
  • Can anyone tell me what the 5 wires are from the control (red white black green yellow) I’m trying to connect an aftermarket wifi controller that’s not ment for my Intex purespa. Trying to save time. I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks
  • Hi Michael

    i have try to find a link to order this plate? can you please help me with this? thank you.
  • Hi Michael

    Great post! I'm looking to do just this, but then integrate it into Home Assistant.

    Please could you post the instructions you received? I'm particularly interested in what each colour cable is that you show in the last picture? Which one is data, live, etc?

  • Hi.Do you have direct contact to this solution seller. I have tried to log in to this offer portal you have linked here but ???? there is some error. I would like to buy one set for my Intex PureSpa

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